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Friday, June 07, 2002


I think I found the next Palestinian target for a suicide bomber. Yeah I know its not funny... but think of the hell our country is going through over this whole right to rape children crap. Oh yeah I know you say... "Just because your gay doesnt mean you rape children." You know what? your right. But the percentage of child molesters that are queer are outrageous. I know its like saying Arabs are suicide bombers... no but suicide bombers are Arabs. Yeah I know.. homophobe... but no not really... I am not scared of queers. No, not at all. I just detest anyone that is so disgusting as to eat his shit off some guy's dick. That's all. Yeah.. you've got a right to be out of the closet, but I've got a right to detest your disgusting acts too, and its about time we went to the wall over it.
BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Gays march through Jerusalem

"Before, you would be ashamed of this. A person who had this problem used to hide in the street. Today they want to go out into the city streets and call it 'pride'."

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My Southpark character kinda looks a little unstable.

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"I think it's very vital that the Americans realize that when these people come to the United States, they don't have a big 'T' on their forehead," she said, telling her story to ABCNEWS in defiance of direct orders from the USDA's Washington headquarters.

"They don't look like what you think a terrorist would look like," said Bryant.

"I had terrorists in my office, and I helped them," she said. "I gave them information unknowingly … And I'm afraid that there probably will be a next time, unless it's stopped from the ground-floor level by an American."

Uhhhh yeah.... thats what I've been preaching.... its up to US not a government agency to protect ourselves! : Woman Recalls Encounter With 9/11 Leader

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Thursday, June 06, 2002


Dumb Warnings
Ever see some kind of legalese and wonder how they ever got by without lawyers and these warnings? The link below is a site with links to other hilarious sites all highlighting just how far we've come as a country.
Dumb Warnings

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Where did this story go?
A big star caught in a child pornography/rape charges. Wouldnt the news services love this... They've got it, but cant run with it. Why? Because he's black... that's why. Just like everything else in this world... these liberals think that by coddling and not printing these stories they can somehow help the fragile black population. Earth to liberals.... They arent fragile... and belittling them is truly racists.
Yahoo! News - Grammy-winning singer R. Kelly indicted on child pornography charges in Chicago

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Here's something frightning
Click on this link to get taken to a high school scavenger list. The crap on this list would sound outrageous to a ship full of sailors.. much less a bunch of high schoolers. But isnt that what the Mtv generation has been taught? Nothing is too grownup or peverse for you. Makes you wonder if a bunch of old peverted guys have thought this up just to make loose highschool girls who'll give them head or something. Anyway click away... and if your not scared by page 3... I fear for you.
The Smoking Gun: Archive

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Wednesday, June 05, 2002


Some Boortz Wisdom
Neal Boortz's notes for his radio show are always good. I may not agree some of the time... but its always a good read. When it comes to common sense he hit this one right between the eyes.

We now have lawsuits against four American airlines seeking damages because the airlines did just whey should have done. They profiled! The five men who brought these lawsuits are all of Middle Eastern or Asian descent. The airlines aren’t giving the specific reasons these particular men were taken off these particular flights. The Plaintiffs want us to believe it was simply because of the color of their skin. If that is the case, then how in the world did they manage to get on later flights … and why aren’t ALL passengers with that skin color denied boarding privileges?

The so-called “American Civil Liberties Union” is supporting the lawsuits. What will be the net effect? Airlines and airport security personnel will become more afraid of doing just what they should be doing to protect us from terrorism. They will be afraid to concentrate their security efforts on the people who are presenting the security threat.
Do we really need to go over this again?

It was ARABS who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993.

It was ARABS who bombed the Khobar Towers.

It was ARABS who bombed out embassies in Africa.

It was ARABS who bombed the USS Cole.

It was ARABS who brought down the World Trade Towers and damaged the Pentagon.

Those are ARABS who are threatening to kill more innocent American civilians.

Now, please note, I have not said that ALL Arabs present a terrorist threat to the United States. I am saying that all of the recent attacks and threats have come from Arabs. You do understand the difference, don’t you?

Just how much sense does it make NOT to focus your security efforts on Arabs? How much sense does it make for an airport security screener to be patting down a pilot or an American soldier while someone from the Middle East slides through without any extra attention --- all in the name of political correctness?

The politically correct crowd says that you shouldn’t single out people for special attention just because of their racial or ethnic background. Generally speaking they would have a point. But does that standard hold when you have people of one particular racial or ethnic background engaged in a war of terrorism against the United States? Do you then make a special effort to avoid investigating people with this particular ethnic or racial background in the name of political correctness? Well, my friends, that is precisely what happened with Zacarias Moussaoui, and this is exactly what is happening at our airport security stations – and this is exactly the behavior that is being sanctioned and defended by the ACLU.

These people are going to get someone else killed.

The ACLU has never been interested in America... just interested in killing it.

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Tuesday, June 04, 2002


The need for blog
Sorry for not so much today... but I'm actually working a little right now. Its always a bitch to have to take a few days off. I promise more a little later today.

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Monday, June 03, 2002


Mach 3 with your hair on fire!
Yesterday when we were going through the "S" curves in Atlanta it happened again. 5 guys on Ninja's or some other crotch rocket. Its heavy traffic and we're doing 80-85 mph. These guys come weaving through traffic going at least 120-150 mph! Of course these assholes are the ones who never get caught. The only justice for these guys would be seeing one of their severed heads in a helmet that's bouncing across 7 lanes of traffic. I mean if you really are looking for thrills, go out and piss on an electric fence or something other than endangering others lives.

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Road Construction
When you're driving 16 hrs the last thing you want is traffic jams because of road construction. Yesterday I kinda felt like Michael Douglas in FALLING DOWN . You know the part where they are tearing up the road for no real reason other than they need the work and have to spend the money or else they will lose funding next year. Yesterday I kept telling my wife.. get the rocket launcher! And then they put the signs saying... Road construction ahead out 2 miles.... but they dont tell you what lane is going to be closed till like a half mile. Thats all good in moving traffic, but when its backed up 13 miles... it doesnt do anything but cause trouble having everyone squeeze in at the last moment.

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I'm back! CARROTS!
Just a quick story. It was nice of the immigration border guard to let us through so freely, but it would have been safer if he had looked at our documentation. We got there when the traffic was light (thank god). The border guy says.. country of citizenship... I say U.S. wife says Canada. Then it happens... just like EVERY time before. The light goes off and the guy perks up. AHHH AN AMERICAN MARRIED TO CANADIAN.... LETS SEND THEM TO SEARCH! But then he asks if we have anything to declare and my wife admittingly says.... WE'VE GOT CARROTS!!!! yes... CARROTS! You see... they've got a sign that says... if you are bringing in any fruits, veggies, etc, declare them or face a fine! The guy looked at us in a kinda suprised fashion and said...CARROTS? My wife says... yeah we brought carrots to eat on the trip and your sign says to be sure to claim them. The guy steps back and says.."have a nice trip". I think my wife's truthfullness kinda threw him off guard. We pulled away laughing at CARROTS! Then I realized that he never checked my birth certificate or my wife's green card.

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