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Thursday, May 30, 2002


Off I go...
Looks like I'm off again till Monday. I'll have a full report along with a border crossing report.

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Arm or dont arm?!?
Now here's George Will's column or not arming the pilots. I happen to disagree with him and the 3 pilots he's talking about. ahhh yes, you've gotta look out for those renegade pilots. Hello... if you cant trust them to be responsible with a gun and follow the rules... how can you trust them with everyone's lives? think about it... it doesnt make ANY sense whatsoever.!
George Will

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Ann Coulter
Theres a good commentary by Ann Coulter on Jewish World Review today. I love Ann's articles because she doesnt hold anything back. With both barrels roaring she jumps onto the whole absurd notion of not arming our pilots. Ok... so she needs to eat a little bit... but damn she sure lets em have it!
Ann Coulter

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Another Brunette. Notice how blondes dont get picked anymore. I think its politically incorrect to pick blondes now. You know... blondes=white=bad. Yeah.. I know its just a stupid beauty contest... but you gotta know politics come in just as they do in every world arena. Nice bod Ms. Russia.... even the little poochie tummy :-P. (panting sound)

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002


Hey I actually got a little traffic today. Now if I can just get someone to make a comment... even just an "up yours". If any of you visitors want to link to me... PLEASE DO! I need the attention. If you want a link just put in your website on a comment and I'll drop it in my blogs of note. Thanks for stopping by.

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Philippine Hostages
Just kill them already. I'm sure the family doesnt want to hear that, but damn this is every other month they say they're gonna kill them. Enough already... if your gonna do it... then just do it. We're not gonna be hostage anymore to these damn Moslems.
Yahoo! News - U.S. Offers Reward for Kidnappers

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Too funny to not blog...
Heres some comments on the Arafat chip from little green footballs. Some are kinda lame... but others...PRICELESS!
lgf: arafat snack foods

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Our Military
I'm soooooo glad someone finally wrote a good article regarding our readiness. It's kinda funny to hear the press talking about how taxed and broken our military is. Yes, in peacetime it sure seems like a lot to be away from your family for 6-8 months just to become a policeman in the balkins. But in the case of a real war... its nothing to stay away 2 yrs fighting. It sounds wierd but I would say 80-90% of the active military would LOVE to war it out. You train so much and drill endlessly that you know that you know your shit and wish for the chance to prove it. Dont feel too bad for our military when the war bugle sounds. Its mostly them sounding it. Read this article and you can get the scope of just how big the United States Military is.
OpinionJournal - Featured Article

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Spoken like a true Idiot...
I like it a lot," Braves manager Bobby Cox said. "That's what we've been shooting for. I'd rather be in first than last, or anywhere else.
Yahoo! Sports: MLB - Montreal at Atlanta Game Recap

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Tuesday, May 28, 2002


Amnesty International
Arent you getting tired of all these world first commie groups? I took a trip to the Amnesty International home page and guess what I've deduced. These jokers are against ANYONE AND EVERYONE who defends themselves or protects its people. Awww they think its soooo bad that people in prison dont have the same rights and access to things that us bad people who dont break the law. Death penalty??? NO WAY. Any kind of military action... DEFINATELY NOT! I know there are a lot of supporters of this group.... But I will make sure absolutely NONE of my money goes to them. If I find out my tax money is going there (like to the U.N.) I'm probably gonna stop paying. Damnit... I'm tired of supporting all these world conscience (disguised commies) people. We (as a country) give these people money to bad mouth us. Its just rediculous!

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Bush 1 Media 2568
Looks like Bush finally, finally, finally found his last straw. You can read about it here Bush Takes On Reporter.

Bush sure has a better temper than me. I would be like Bobby Knight after all the stupid questions the media asks. One of these days the Republicans will learn that the media will never love them. You can pass everything the left wants and the media is still out to get you. JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART, ITS WHAT GOT YOU THERE! How many times have the Republicans caved on this supposed war on terrorism? Just because some left wingers complain in the media???? 75% of Americans HATE the established media. They know they have been tricked and bamboozled by them and dont trust them at all. Why dont they stand their ground EVER? Instead of coming out and saying Bush was tired... maybe they sould say he was pissed at all the stupidity he has to deal with.

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Monday, May 27, 2002


Line Butters
Yesterday I was at Lester Pearson airport in Toronto. I had one of the first flights out so being there 2 hrs early was 4am. I get there at a little before 4am and there are no reps for the airline I was flying. So I waited... and waited... about 4:45 they showed up and processed my ticket etc... then it was off to customs. Of course immigration customs (U.S. customs) didnt open until a little after 5 so there was a bunch of people lined up. When they opened the gates we were already in our lines. We started moving when all of a sudden this older (55?yr) man comes up beside me. I was looking around and caught him coming all the way from the back. Theres like 15 or so people in front of me so its a little wait. He motions to his wife... you know... GET UP HERE! and is obviously proud of his new spot in line. Brimming over with confidence, my friend tries to edge in front of me. So I wait till the point when he's all the way in front of me. I tapped him on the shoulder kinda hard and said "Nice try... I dont care where you end up in this line... but it WILL be behind me." Now I'm in fight or flight mode. I'm looking around and thinking about what's gonna happen if I have to clock this guy. I know to a lot of people it isnt worth it... but its just fuckin disrespectful and even if everyone lets it slide... I WONT! So anyway... this guy gets embarrassed and puts his head down... I move up after someone else gets processed and he stayed still. Then from behind he says "Whats wrong... you in a hurry?" So then I'm about charged up and ready for anything. I turned around and said, "I'm in no hurry at all. But, I saw you come from the very back and try to worm your way in front of me. Everyone else may be afraid to say anything, but I cant stand disrespectful people who think their time is more important than mine." Two more people get through immigration... then me.... never saw them again. You know... if we all did that, there wouldnt be any people taking advantage of others.

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Wanna Be Sick?
Read this link and you'll see where p.c. has gotten us. After you read the article then read all the freeper's comments.

Exposed: Al-Qaeda’s rest camp

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Bridge guards
Dont you think its time we invested a little money and made bridge support guards? I mean it isnt hard to go 20ft away from every bridge support and put up a bumper or something. I'm not talking about every bridge support in America... just all the ones that get barge and heavy ship traffic. I've never been a tug captain or anything... but I'm betting its not really easy piloting a few barges up a swollen river. Now 10 or so are dead. Heres a pic just for fun.

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Sunday, May 26, 2002


Happy memorial day!!!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY???????? Whats so happy about people dying? Being X-military I can appreciate the sacrifice that these men and women gave to their country. Most of these people who went to war never went wishing the would give the ultimate sacrifice. They were people just like you and me. Hard working people, who at a time when the bullets were flying and the morters were going off all around them, swallowed their fear and charged once more. I know a lot of liberals say... oh they were like zombies or rats just following, but it was beyond anything like that crap. You see... Liberals are girly men. Most are nice big city men who would prefer not to even own a car much less a gun. Responsibility is a punch line and duty is something their maid has to them. They love Memorial day because it gives them a nice day off to maybe protest the Boy Scouts or maybe go to a lawyer to figure out what kind of lottery they can win because their boss said damn in front of him. But I can bet you one thing they arent thinking about.... The thousands of hardcore men and women who out of responsibility and duty didnt flee when the going got tough. And I dont care what you say... Those men and women who died for our country didnt die so we can have NAMBLA marching in the streets and all this other freakish shit that goes on in the name of freedom. It turns my stomach when I hear some ilk say that our veterans died for that shit. They died because it was their duty to better their country and to preserve our freedom. Freedom doesn't mean freedom for men to rape little boys. It means being responsible, because without responsibility there can be no freedom.

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Hey... I'm back for the week!
For all you people up in Detroit I feel sorry for you because of your high priced gas. I'm actually quite tired so am not going to post much today since I'm fried. But I do want to give a special thanks to RIGHT WING NEWS for the link. I've gotten a little more traffic which makes me feel like I'm not just sending all this crap thats in my head out into the vast space for no reason. If you see something you agree or disagree with please leave comments. Even if its "you suck" I'd like to hear it. More to come a little later... I'm on dialup right now and am sooooooo spoiled with dsl that I cant stand this slow crap anymore. If anyone wants to trade links.... PLEASE let me know. I'd like to get some traffic... maybe I could give out free porn passes or something (that seems to bring in the masses!).

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