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Thursday, May 23, 2002


Julia Gorin really hits the nail on the head with this article:
We didnt WANT to know, remember?

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As I get ready for the big trek across the U.S. in my Jeep Cherokee it brings something up in my mind that's been bugging me. GAS. Yep I'm really getting sick of Saudi Arabia and all the other countries over there. Do you know that when the Saudi prince came over here to Texas to meet Bush he ordered that no women be in the control towers that handled his approach? Guess what? IT WAS COMPLIED WITH! All we hear is threats out of these people and we're catering to them? This crap pisses me off to the Nth degree. Do you know what his royal Saudi highness was coming over here to do? THREATEN US ABOUT ISRAEL!!!! He's freakin lucky I'm not president. As soon as his dumb ass got on his private jet... I woulda ordered our best fighter chick to buzz him a few times in a F-16 so he knows its a woman shooting his ass outta the air. COME OVER HERE AND THREATEN US?? YEAH RIGHT! ANYBODY ELSE WANT SOME? I've got 2 months till I'm right side up on the loan on the Jeep and I'm getting a Jetta TDI. 50+ miles per gallon of diesel fuel... ahhhh. If the electric cars wernt so damn pussyfied I'd get one of those. Which brings me to the biggest peave... Alternative fuel. I wish all the oil companies would get into alternative fuels. Then it would work. I think we're right there as far as using hydrogen or some other AMERICAN fuel to where we cant be held hostage. Yes, I know its the big oil keeping us from doing it.... but why doesnt anyone just get them to develop it... then they can just switch production and still get money. And its not the enviroment that I'm talking about... I'm talking about not being a hostage anymore. Of course the only other suggestion is to nuke the hell outta that region... and in 5 yrs go back in and set it up as a U.S. territory. I'd rather find an alternative to genecide though. What do you think?

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I'm leaving tonight to go up to Canada. We're going to be driving the Jeep Cherokee 16 hrs and hopefully make it there tomorrow late morning. I always dread the drive, but am kinda used to it now. What's odd about this trip is that I'm going up with the wife... then I'm flying back on Sunday morning at 6:30am. How's that for hectic? Then I'm working the week and flying back up on Friday morning around 7am... going to her cousin's wedding Saturday... then driving back Sunday morning to be back to work on Monday. That will make the third round trip ticket I've flown this month.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2002


Have you ever had an emergency and had to dial 911? How long did it take to get through? How long did it take for the police or the respected agency to get to your emergency? Well I hope you have never had to dial 911, but if you did you probably realize that its worthless in real emergencies. We've all been lulled into thinking 911 is the alternative to us having to do action ourselves. You know the news and other outlets tell you... whatever you do... dont try anything yourself.. dial 911. Just like you hear... if you witness a wreck... dont take any action because you can be sued... just dial 911 and stay in your car. Someone is trying to bust your door down... Hide and call 911. This whole freakin 911 culture is responsible for 9/11. Think about it. We've all been taught not to be alert and ready for action because if we act then we get sued. Dont worry about suspicious people because the police will take care of them. If something happens and you get taken hostage... do whatever they tell you to do... dont worry the police will get you free from harm. Dont get me wrong... I'm not saying that 9/11 is the passenger's fault because WE ALL believed inaction was the best for us. Now thats all changed because of what happened on that 4th plane. Action works! You and only YOU are responsible for your well being. Only you can save yourself when someone is beating down your door. Yes, call 911... but then ACT! 911 is backup and for the investigation phase. **Hint** Only Americans can stop terrorism in America. The FBI, CIA, Homeland defense... they can get us ready and do intelligence work... but its up to me and you to actually stop it. If you see something going on that looks suspicious then you need to inquire whats going on. Your action could save 1000's or maybe a whole city. Prepare yourself for action by looking around and figuring what you can do if something goes wrong. And last...(I know this is going on and on) dont be afraid to die. To lose my life defending my country against some terrorist scum bag is one of the best ways to go. Be responsible for your own safety and our country's.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002


Children in Pro-abortion commercials:

The other night I was watching tv and on comes the pro-abortion commercial. I know everyone has seen it by now since they've spent a ton of money putting it in primetime. Well actually I bet these liberal stations actually run them for 1/2 the price, but anyway... thats not my point. My point is... Heres this commercial with this little girl learning how to ride a bike with her mom. OK FIRST OF ALL.. NOTICE NO DAD AROUND! It actually looks like a "Lightdays" commercial at first. Then she starts talking about her 5 yr old daughter's right to choose.. of course they never say her right to murder the baby God has placed in her womb. I so hate this casual murder talk... you know... oh its ok if we dont have to actually think of it as murder. Wanna hear something wierd? I was PRO CHOICE up to a few years ago! Yep... a woman's body is her own...etc... But you know what happened that changed all that? Fertility problems. My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for 2 1/2 years now. You see its hard because everyone says to just relax... but you cant relax when you have to go to a fertility specialists just to ovulate. So we can get her to ovulate now... so we do a few IUI's (inuterine insemination) and still nothing. You see... before we had problems with conceiving I thought babies were easy. Once I started looking and researching... I found differently. Now I see each pregnancy as God's hand in that woman's life. Yep... married, unmarried, teen, etc... Once you see it as God's hand, how could you destroy it? Just as God's hand was involved in making you and me and killing us is murder. You know what would be fair justice? If God struck everyone who murders a baby before birth with infertility. Yes.. I know its harsh... but wouldnt that be justice? Now back to the commercial.... what's even worse is that little girl's mom getting her into that commercial.

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My blog seems to be down right now... I'm trying to find out what happened.

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Monday, May 20, 2002


INS Student tracking fatally flawed:

Justice department has found that immigrant student tracking
is fatally flawed and it wont get fixed before 01/03. Yes thats
right they wont meet their January deadline. Any news regarding
the INS is good for me because I have been through the whole INS
beauracratic red tape crap. My wife is an immigrant from Canada.
A permanant resident now. The funny thing is that we did
everything by the book and it took 3 years well... actually 4
yrs. INS lost our paperwork, lost my passport, gave us bogus
information which costs me $250. Their workers are so inept that
after they found our paperwork (after a year of being lost in the
cracks) we had our interview and the girl didnt even get
everything done. So a few weeks later we get a letter saying we
have to go downtown to cracktown and wait in line at 6:30 to get
in to see someone about our problem. Oh yeah it would have been
easier if the girl who did the screwup would have just given us
an appointment or a pass card to just run up to her office and
sign... but NOOOOOOOO, we have to go through the general line and
at 10:30 our number finally gets called. Finally we get to the
desk and the girl says... ohhhhhh... she forgot to have you sign
this... yep that was it. Just a little signature that costs me
and my wife each a day off work, a 2 hr drive to the city and
parking and waiting in line outside the federal building with
bums on steps reaking with urine. Hello... the whole INS is
screwed. They dont have a clue whats going on. Border patrol
seems to have harassing the people who are following immigration
guidelines correctly, but seem to miss all the ones who are
sidestepping the system. So its no suprise to me. Heres the link
regarding the story, read it and weep.
INS horror story

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You know... the other day I was flying home from Kansas City and of course I had to wait an hour or so on the plane. While I was sitting there waiting for the always late plane these 4 black overweight ladies came through security and sat a few seats down from me. One of them gets up and recognizes a fat white girl who was sitting a little ways down. After the "hey how have you been doing..etc".. the white girl pipes up and says... hey I was just reading the K.C. Star and you know what they have in there? "The top 20 money makers in Kansas City and can you believe that they are all WHITE MALES!" The black lady shakes her head and exclaims.... WHO HAS THAT? the white lady:... K.C. STAR! Black lady: OH I CANT BELIEVE THEY WOULD PUT THAT IN THERE. I MEAN WE GOT A WOMAN MAYOR AND EVERYTHING! White lady: ISNT THIS AWFUL... I MEAN WE'VE GOTTA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE WHITE GUYS. Black lady: I CANT BELIEVE THE PAPER WOULD PRINT THAT. I MEAN WE'VE GOT A WOMAN MAYOR. White lady: SHE'S GOTTA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! etc. etc. etc...
I mean what a bunch of Racists/Sexists pigs. Of course to them... money is distributed. I wanted to go up and say... hey lady... you dont make it to the top 20 list by working for the government. Maybe, just maybe if you put your credit on the line and thought of something that most people cant do without... make it cheaper than most and work hard you could be there. Of course that is all way over their heads because money is distributed not earned. And... of course its the government's job to make sure that women and minorities get their fair share. You know... Black people and women will never get ahead with the government mentality. Yes... I know a lot of minorities get ahead and make tons of money... but the did it on hard work. You know... work isnt cool anymore, but government sure is now. :-(

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Whew! What a busy weekend! You know what I hate thats starting to happen? COUPLE SHOWERS! You know... baby showers where couples are invited. I went to 2 this weekend and damn I wish there was still crap that women do and then crap men do. This blurring of the lines kinda ticks me off. Just like having boys and girls playing tee ball together. Its just not natural. Yeah I know... I'm just a sexists pig, oink oink oink. The poor guy who has to stand up there while his wife opens all the ga, ga gifts would rather be in the dentist chair than there. You can see him looking around wondering how many of his friends are making fun of him. Next time I've gotta go to one of these I'm going to get the guy a good present. You know... while Jane is opening up all the fru fru gifts.... "oh Bill heres one for you...". Yep its my gift... a half dozen porno mags, a fifth of Jack Daniels and maybe even a handgun of sorts just in case someone gets mouthy. Then all the guys might stand up and say.... Hell Yeah.... Honey.... we're outta here... we're going out to Ray's to put a line in the water... be back around darkish or so to pick up your gifts. Anyway as Forrest Gump would say... Thats all I've got to say about that.

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