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Saturday, May 18, 2002


Just a few thoughts and obvious things about this blog...

1. I am not Jewish! Yes I know its a suprise because of all the Israeli stuff on here... but I am a WASP. So why all the Jewish stuff? Well, actually I dont know exactly when it happened, but I started looking at the whole conflict. To me, there is no way you can be objective and be rooting for the Arabs. Everywhere you turn you see the atrocities carried out by these Arab dictatorships and their aggression on Israel. Yes... I know the occupation is morally wrong, but what else can you do when you get attacked? All the Arab apoligists seem to forget that Israel was attacked first. Then they get upset and say then Israel attacked us later... but that was an offensive to prempt the Arabs from striking (since they were building up an offensive). So... yes... You must occupy to keep youself safe from attack, just as we occupied Japan after WW2. Once they show they can be peaceful and not be aggressive then the occupation will end (just as it did in Japan). Anyway... this is long and I'll continue it later, its time to go home!.

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stay tuned because I dont have a fargin clue about html... so am kinda trial and error

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stay tuned.8

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Let me just interject a little senario that noone seems to be saying. Bush knew, Bush knew, Bush knew!!!! (thats what they all say) Now for the senario... Day after inauguration Bush holds a press conference about terrorism and how he's going to crack down on it. Democrats LARGLY ridicule the President saying "what terrorism". 3 planes are hijacked on 9/11/01. President Bush in his all knowingness has these 3 airliners shot down out of the air killing 300 or so passengers. Mr. President addresses the nation saying these were terrorists who were planning on flying into buildings. Congress quickly meets and both sides of the aisle impeach Bush... and draft up 300 charges of murder against him. Bush pleads and shows all the FBI documents and reports. The FBI looks around and says... hey these are just whatif's... we didnt have any specific threat. Now I'm not saying Bush knew anything at all... but if he did could he have acted on it anyway?

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Friday, May 17, 2002


Palestinian lies

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Thursday, May 16, 2002


does this work?

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